What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, is an online, cloud-based platform your company can use to access its software applications, like contact lists, and lead tracking programs (CRM). In the increasingly mobile environment in which we operate, SaaS platforms are fundamental to facilitate flexible working arrangements and provide 24/7 service to a global market. As such, Saas platforms are becoming prevalent software among small to medium businesses and it is more important than ever to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a cloud-based software application platform.


  • Cost

SaaS platforms are a very cost-effective solution, especially for smaller businesses. SaaS platforms are often much less-expensive than on-premise platforms because you can pick and choose which services you are going to use and purchase only those services. SaaS platforms are based on a transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing model, which makes it easy to understand exactly what you are paying for in your SaaS subscription.

  • Mobility

SaaS platforms make it possible to run any business from any location, as your business applications are hosted in the cloud rather than a physical office location and therefore they are accessible via a secure internet connection from anywhere.

  • Use

SaaS platforms make it easier to manage and run applications for your business. With flexible licensing and resource-scaling models, SaaS platforms make running a small, start-up business as smooth and professional as running a large, successful company. The deployment time of SaaS platforms is much faster and simpler, since SaaS platforms do not need to be downloaded like traditional, on-premise platforms. The simplicity of SaaS platforms makes navigating and using your applications more intuitive.

  • Maintenance

SaaS platform vendors maintain and upgrade their platforms themselves, taking away the stress of having to keep software applications running and up-to-date yourself. SaaS upgrades are generally more frequent and seamless than upgrades for on-premise platforms. Since you don’t have to maintain your SaaS platform yourself, you can save your company’s resources for something other than a large IT staff.

  • Accessibility

With a SaaS platform, you can access your applications from any device – computer, tablet, or smart phone. All you need is an internet connection! This allows you to work from anywhere you want and still have access to all the tools and information you need.

  • Security

SaaS platforms can offer more security than traditional, on-premise platforms. Because your SaaS vendor is charge of security, their data storage and often has multiple, protected data centers.


  • Control

SaaS platforms do come with a certain loss of control. Because SaaS vendors, not your IT staff, are responsible for system maintenance, you give up some of the high level of control that comes with most on-premise platforms.

  • Customization

Some on-premise functions are not yet available to SaaS platforms.

  • Applications

Because SaaS platforms tend to be simpler than their on-premise counterparts, they lack some applications that come with on-premise platforms.

How cnx.cloud compares

There are many different Software-as-a-Service vendors, so sometimes choosing the right fit for your company can be difficult. cnx.cloud is a Software-as-a-Service provider that has all the advantages of regular SaaS platform, plus added benefits!

  • Fully Online.

You can access your work from anywhere – you just need internet access! This is different to many providers who only offer partial online functionality as an extension of a traditional desktop solution.

  • Seamless Transition.

You can go from working at a computer to working on any other device.

  • Wide Variety of Applications.

You can choose from our selection of add-on tools to fit your business’s unique needs. And you only purchase the services you’ll use!

  • User-friendly Design

You can easily navigate all of our tools and services with our user-friendly layout.

  • Communication

At cnx.cloud, we’re all about providing services and communication that improve interactions between customers, vendors, and staff. All our tools are made with that goal in mind.

  • Secure Interactions.

Every interaction you make with our services is encrypted for your security and we make sure your data is never accessed by anyone but you.

What We Offer

Our contact management and leads tracking services are offered with every package. You choose which of our other services you want – and which ones you don’t want!

  • Service and product management (ITSM)
  • Timesheets and expenses
  • File storage
  • And more!


Click HERE to subscribe to the cnx.cloud monthly package that fits your needs!

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